Bonjour, la première partie

Thames, London.

Good day, this is the first ever post on my first ever attempt to a travel/music blog. But basically it’s just a medium for me to share my travels and experiences. Promise its not gonna be a ranting page. 🙂

Well let me kickstart a bit on myself here, i’m an art graduate from LASALLE COLLEGE OF THE ARTS i wont call myself an artist though but i unconditionally love art in each of its dazzling forms and attractive ways.

Travel,  i wont call it a hobby or an interest of mine. Its love which in a way accumulates to knowledge. Every single travels, every single stamps on the passport and every different cities or countries i have learnt to understand and respect the different cultures and ways of other societies around the world and that has opened my mind to a whole new different level. It excites me to try out food from Thailand or the crazy traffic of Saigon or the gondola in Venice and the metro of Paris.

Music & Photography though is a whole different story. its my Adam & Eve.


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